Laka Pregnancy: What's in my hospital bag?

Laka Pregnancy: What's in my hospital bag?

Hospital vs. home birth?

Such a huge question these days. And it almost feels like the pressure is on every woman to make a decision that can be influenced and perceived from so many angles. With the surge in information from podcasts, social media, birth stories, and friends, you can see how a woman feels subliminal pressure and a deep inclination to birth at home. I was there with my first, and I was there with my second. 

This time, I am deciding to exercise my power of saying no and birthing my baby at the hospital. Without intervention, naturally, vaginally. Just like the first time. 

My security will be my doula and my partner to make sure that when I am out of this dimension and working in the birth vortex to encourage baby down and out, my choices won't be compromised. 

Regardless of your setting, all birth is beautiful. No hospital is the same as the next, and your freedom to say no is where your boundaries begin.

Does anyone else feel like there is a silent pressure for women to have exotic, sexy, documented home births or else it didn't happen?

Can we advocate for all women to feel empowered wherever, however, with whomever they birth? Conception is the biggest miracle, carrying full term is just as enlightening, and becoming a mother is the biggest joy. Maybe, just maybe, this would remove a layer of stress that I can understand many women face when they near the birth vortex. Stress slows labor, let go of it wherever you can. Have an earthy hospital birth, it's possible. 

If you birth at home, let it beautiful. 
If you birth at the hospital, let it be beautiful. 

Some items I am bringing to the hospital:

1. Baby clothes (Roux, August River)

2. Diapers + Wipes, We'll take both Coterie and Esembly to the scene

3. Alcohol-free Witch Hazel, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil for soothing my nether regions

4. Belly Band to help literally everything in my body following birth.

5. Birthing Dress (we'll see how this outfit plan goes)

6. My own skincare, Julisus face wash, Osea Atmosphere Protection Cream, Undaria Body Cream

7. Bodily Postpartum Underwear 

8. My Medella pump

9. Solly Swaddle 

10. Sound Machine

11. Laka Matcha for labor and delivery energy and days that follow.

12. Yoga Mat + Bolsters for labor meditation

13. Lots of herbal ice, superfood bars, and raw coconut meat and water from our property.

14. My birth playlist to drop. in.

15. Laka Shroom Drip for easy nutrients during labor and after baby.

16. Retinol for immediately after (Beef liver, Cod Liver)

I hope the most beautiful birth for anyone reading this, and always be sure to encourage and uplift women no matter what you speculate their birth plan is, was, or did look like. 

All birth is beautiful.