L-Theanine: the focus toning amino acid

L-Theanine: the focus toning amino acid

If you can't already tell, matcha is a coveted super staple here at LAKA. Our forever fascination with Japanese food and beverage culture lead us on the search for the best tasting, brightest, most palatable for beginners matcha powder out there. Found nestled in the tea regions of all tea regions, we found Laka Matcha. 


When your level of focus is toned, you can achieve great things. When your onset and offset of this nootropic experience is naturally perfectly balanced, you can stay in your zen. 


So what's the secret focus compound? Well, it's two things: the L-theanine in Matcha paired with the caffeine. 

We all know caffeine is impeccable for getting sh*t done, but anyone thats part of the LAKA community can also probably agree they came to LAKA for a coffee alternative and coffee doesn't always do (conscious of their nervous system) individuals justice after that initial hit of energy. 

L-Theanine is a naturally occuring amino acid found in green tea powder that acts as a buffer for the 35mg caffeine per serving it comes packing. It modulates the way your body absorbs the caffeine, so that a slow release effect happens and you don't get those treacherous cracky, jitters. Enough caffeine to give you the lift, with a smart modulator intact to adapt the onset. 

More focus in one step: Don't make your brain self-care complicated.

1 tsp Laka Matcha daily as a latte, blended into morning juice, or added into shakes for easy, repeatable focus.

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