The goddess of Hula and forest. Said to be the inspiration one thinks of while they dance, she is what causes the movement while the dancer is moved. Her reproductive energy enriches one to grow and thrive. She ignites the feminine in all. 


A natural high. The optimal state of presence, clarity and function. Where mind-body-spirit is fluid. You are fully immersed. Distractions disappear. Time slows. Senses elevate. Dopamine surges. You are in love with the moment and excel at whatever the task.


Where sacred meets science.
The essence of divine balance. 
Cues in the day to check-in + refuel.
Community that cares deeply.

Liz: Founder of Laka


Meet Liz

Laka was born in my tiny, outdated, fluorescent-lit kitchen on Kauai's south shore. At 22, I crammed into a 2 bedroom with my four best friends from college and built LAKA from the ground up.

I am equally fascinated by bootstrapping a meaningful business, essential natural living, and the way that both go hand in hand to support each other.

Technically, I am a certified herbalist and yoga instructor with a background in Urban Design.

But, the truth is that my expertise and passion I wake up with daily is in reminding others of the daily efficacy of simple, accessible wellness practices that make you feel good and do quite literally everything with more awareness. 

I believe in building confidence in others through sustainable nutrition, intuitive movement, and healthy thinking.

It's all really, really important and I hope LAKA serves as an inspiration to others to take agency over their natural intelligence, potent intuition, and care a lot less about what anyone else thinks.

You'll likely see Laka evolve a lot, as I am always striving for some sort of continuum effect. We're all a continuum. LAKA is a destination that honors everything that is changing in science, society, and global health. 

Chelsea: Co Founder of Laka


Meet Chelsea

Unconditional altruism, that’s me.  I feel immense joy supporting others uncover + actualize their vision and resilience. A holistic consultant with an open heartfelt mindset.  

Wisdom begins outside your comfort zone.  I’ve created, innovated + invigorated brands and the teams behind them for over 15 years. Holy shitake.

I got certified in areas that transformed me along the way: yoga, plant medicine, wellness counseling, neuroscience, [motherhood LOL]. The sum of each failure, lesson + triumph – I’m so grateful.

My first slogan was ‘Simplify. Amplify.’  A meaningful practice that works. Now more than ever is a time to embody LESS being MEGA.

Consumption of pure foods. Movement as medicine. Nature as energy. Freedom to be still. Presence over pressure. Real conversations.

I’ll never forget the ease I felt from my first call with Liz. An instant knowing. Authentic beauty in the journey to get to this moment. Separate visions serendipitously aligned.

I invested + joined LAKA for 3 reasons:

1. Cosmic love for a fierce female founder who's open to receive
2. Mutual passion to celebrate + support women at every age
3. Exponential energy, creativity, connection + most importantly FUN