Laka Pregnancy Part 3: Movement

Laka Pregnancy Part 3: Movement

First let's start by recognizing just how much your body is doing during pregnancy.

Creating organs, muscles, a tiny little miniature nervous system inside of you, tons of blood. So much energy is being utilized for growth as well as preparing for repair that will come later. This absolutely should shift your energy output as you deepen into your term.

Naturally, when I am not growing a baby (sometimes excessively), I like to be really really active. Physically and cognitively, I like to build energy, use energy, and recycle energy. Aside from Laka, I'm also a yoga instructor and nothing feels better than to teach a super heating, strength-based class that pushes boundaries and accelerates one's physical practice. 

I kept my challenging movement practice for the first half of pregnancy,

then I let go a bit and let my body get its fix from daily walking, heated n' toned down yoga, and raising my toddler! I love to think of movement during pregnancy as a gradual dissolve. Start strong and regular, then start dropping into what is realistic for your body half-way through. To me, pregnancy has never felt like a time to try and be super fit. Your female form somewhat thrives on a soft, pliable form. Especially when it comes to birth. You may feel incredible and have a seriously strong, fit pregnancy. But you can also redefine what "fit" looks like depending on the unique-ness of your pregnancy. 

That being said, I encourage daily movement for every pregnancy. Your habits do so much for your baby. If a baby is used to being in a moving body, I believe baby knows how to move which is super important when you reach the finish line! It's a great way to circulate oxygen, maintain strength, and keep your joints nice and lubricated. 

First trimester movement looked like normal.

It was also during our Laka Movement campaign, so we were moving a LOT. Running, hiking, yoga, boxing, swimming and walking were all part of my regimen. I knew I wanted to appreciate my body in its strongest state while I could. And I did. No limits. No cap first tri! Lots of movement helped me move through and past any digestive discomfort as well.

Second trimester I took it down 50%!

Lots of walking, regular yoga practice, light running! 

Third trimester I am doing about 5% of what I was at the start of my pregnancy. it feels incredible!

Lots of walking, light yoga, and breath work focus. Some days it even just felt good to dance to some songs on my birth playlist to get lateral movement and blood flowing. Other days I would just stretch for 30 minutes at night while Dad was handling bath time duty with Jai.  Lean into what your body is preparing to do and again, start teaching your unborn baby what slide-and-scale self-care looks and feels like. 

What kind of movement does your body crave during pregnancy? Lean into that.