Each month, we release a list of ideas, products, technology, good listen's, or rituals we're fond of and/or practicing. Simply a list that we're into or are still repeating month after month. It's a time to review, share, and inspire others to try new things or open their mind to new horizons. It's fun to try new things or begin old ones again. Enjoy this month's list! 

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1. SEED DS-01 SYNBIOTIC: Imbibe your gut with strains that actually make a difference, start healing a past of poor nutrition, and help your body manage inner stress with Seed DS-01. They make the science of probiotics interesting and effective. I've taken Seed DS-01 for years and have no plan of switching to another probiotic anytime soon. When you find one that works, stick with it. I take 2+ daily depending on how I have been eating lately and if I have had any alcohol. My kids are also on the PDS-01 Pediatric synbiotic. It's a powder I add into their yogurt or smoothies to ensure they're building a strong immune system by way of the gut. Use code LAKASEED for $ off your first order. 

2. DIRECT SUN EXPOSURE: One of my favorite tin-foil hat reminders I like to share with others whenever I see them slathering on sunscreen as if their life depended on it any chance they come close to even a window. Without the sun, there would be no vibrance in plants or the outside world. What makes you think we are any different? Moderate amounts of unprotected sun exposure in the morning and late afternoon is essential for hormone production, sleep hygiene, and mood. Absorbing the full spectrum of Vitamin D is a rite of passage into happiness. 

3. LAWA CANDLES: I worked with the team at LAWA on other projects and have been so excited to see their candle company LAWA take off with flying colors. They are inspired by minimal, simple living and capture an essence in their candle art that can be enjoyed in every room of the house. 

4. PALERMO LOUNGER: I bought this lounger in grey while we were on the mainland for the winter last year and was so happy to finally lounge in the flesh on something I was highly targeted by for years on social media :) These vegan leather loungers come in indoor OR outdoor material and really create a relaxed, modern vibe for any room. It's like a giant modern bean bag.

5. SAMIDORI STICKS: Perfectly dosed for a hefty supply of GLP-1, EGCG, chlorophyll, caffeine, and L-theanine, Samidori Sticks are one of the most convenient ways to up level your daily health. Our friends at Wild West LA recently took them along their travels to Spain and proved to us they are indeed the best way to stay within your wellness regimen during travel. Enter code LAKALISTVOL5 for 15% off your first box. 

6. ALCOHOL + THE MICROBIOME: While I was linking Seed to our List, I stumbled upon a great article circling the topic of alcohol and it's effect on the microbiome. I certainly enjoy wine still, and believe that the stress it relieves outweighs the damage to our health that is certainly well cited :) But maybe the more I read about alcohol and it's effect on our health I will one day quit altogether! The 38 trillion bacteria that live in our gut are affected when we sip and can become dysbiotic or wiped out altogether just as alcohol in household products can do to bacteria on a countertop. When we've had too much to drink, the dysbiosis shows up in our skin, digestion, and immunity. Tips when drinking include: do it in moderation, take a probiotic after drinking (Seed DS-01 to the rescue), eat a diet high in fiber to increase SCFA-producing microbes, and drink polyphenol-loaded red wine. I also love ZBiotics before drinking. To read the full article, click here.

7. EVERYTHING WILL BE OK: It's so hard to manifest your way out of a bad cycle. Sometimes we just have to go through it and feel the pain and frustration of mistakes, "down" times, or periods in which it feels like it's pouring on us. Reminding yourself that everything will be okay as many times as you need to is essential for calling in opportunities that help you persevere! As a business owner doing things for the first time, the first time mistakes have been brutal. I'm also a slow learner so it's been tough! So many times when I feel like I am going to snap, the universe shows up. It's never too woo woo to believe your guides are there for you when you need them. Pep yourself up, remind yourself why you started, why what you're doing is glorious, get your heart rate up, shake your hips, dance, and scream at your guides for help :) Things will work out and everything will be ok!

8. BAE BROW GROWTH SYSTEM: Expensive lamination bill? Saaaaaaaame. Had to re-assess my obsession with getting my brows laminated. Lamination is basically like a perm for your brows (I go to Soul Beauty Kauai if you're on island!) and helps lift your face, waking you up. I had to find a new solution because I want to save $ and BAEBROW appeared. It's like a nutrient-infused wax that holds your brows in place while also supporting growth with key peptides. I love it and I want to scream from the mountain tops. 

9. TEKLA: I am mostly obsessed with this model. I have always wanted a fro and I love how they portray the obvious staple-worthy vibe of their home and clothing essentials. I love bold staples but am always on the hunt for a good minimal, organic brand that creates pieces that can be worn over and over again. Tekla is B Corp certified, which is just another stamp of approval that they're doing things right.