This month's list wasn't as bulky as previous months, but my experimentation game was slimmer (happy bank account). I like to be intentional with these lists and only share things I use or have used in the past that deserve a second (or third) showing! 

I've been focusing a lot* lately on skin hydration and oral health. These 6 list items are so integral to helping me stay on track with deep hydration, purification, and keeping bacteria at bay. 

1. LAKA MATCHA: A daily ritual at LAKA, I've been beefing up my daily doses of matcha with supers like aloe juice, tremella mushroom, ashwagandha, and RAW, FRESH coconut water. As always, 15% off your next matcha purchase using code LAKALISTV6 at checkout. 

2. MASA CHIPS: If you're still eating seed oils, it's ok lol give yourself a break. they are in everything! literally EVERYTHING. I believe one of the secrets to aging gracefully is being mindful of hiddent inflammatories in our life. The atmosphere toxin we can't control fully, but the oils we consume we can. When seed oil in our skin reacts with the sun, we burn..we age..we get inflamed. MASA is a partner of our at LAKA and we stand behind the quality and flavor of their tallow tortilla chips. It's crazy how satisfying and satiating a chip can be. All you'll need is literally the serving size and you won't be tempted to finish the whole bag. My favorite flavor is Lime. Lately i've been mixing cottage cheese + super spicy salsa together and dipping my masa in it for a high-protein healthy fat loaded snack. 

3. HOME OZONE SYSTEMS: I'm committed to keeping my kids as pure as possible. I love ozone and everything it can do. In our highly polluted world, using ozone is a non-negotiable. I just purchased (for a very affordable rate) our first in-home ozone system. You can do everything from remove viruses from air, sterilize toys, ozonate oil, and ozonate water for drinking with this simple device. I'm trying to get into the practice of using ozonated oil coated floss to fix my son (and mine!) bad breath. Ozone to the rescue.

4. THE NUE CO Skin Hydrator: I set up subscription with this one and am giving myself 6 months to feel the full effects. Since I'm super active and lose a lot of water, I started to notice it showing in my skin. This supplement has magic makers like hyaluronic acid and astaxanthin  to plump and wake up the skin. Holistic skincare takes time, give yourself that! Just 1 cap a day is a bonus too. 

5. LMNT Raspberry Salt: Electrolytes are important for everyone, not just athletes. I lose so much from breastfeeding the last 5 and a half (ah!) years that I have to be on top of my electrolyte and mineral replenishment. I add 1 packet to 64 oz of ozonated water and drink throughout the first half of my day. 

6. LIVING LIBATIONS GUM-LINE BRUSH: I use the Living Libations gum-line brush 1-2x weekly and it feels like a spa for my mouth. I try and commit 10-20 minutes total per day to my oral care. It's a mix of oil pulling, tongue scraping, salt rinsing, and then getting that darn plaque off and out from the gum line thoroughly with the help of  this tiny angled tool. HIGHLY RECCOMEND!