DIDN'T THINK I'D SQUEEZE THIS ONE OUT. Leo season has been hectic*. 

1. COLOSTRUM: I've consumed colostrum on and off for years. Mainly because of its ability to support/repair damaged gut lining. I abused laxatives for years when I was younger and trying to get "healthy".  Colostrum can help rebuild lost strength. I love using ARMRA colostrum in a drink (use code LAKALIZ for $ off) but lately I've been resorting back to my electuary practice of colostrum, raw honey, Shroom Drip™, some oil (coco or olive), and a bit of matcha. It's deeply energizing and tastes like a matcha creamsicle. I love Mattole Valley Naturals brand. 

2. ANIMALS: Lean into the abundant nutrition (enzymes, amino acids, proteins, vitamins, healthy fat) found in pastured meat, eggs, raw milk, and butter. Lately, I have been loving Venison (the most protein per calorie than any other meat!) and love Maui Nui Venison which comes pre-mixed with liver for easy patties. Anyone transitioning back from plant-based? aim for a fistful a week of any meat of your choice to start slowly building back stability. 

3. FRENCH KISS YOUR LYMPH: Self-massage is soooo accessible and so beneficial. Our lymph system is like our water filter of the body, cleaning all the gel/blood/water in our body and filtering out toxins and keeping nutrients we need circulating. Get fancy with your fluid and focus on our 3 major waste removal sites of the body for self-massage: navel, armpits, and just below the ears. Massage with a really high quality oil that deeply moisturizes (I love OSEA Undaria Algae Oil) in circular motions and towards these major filtration sites to assist in daily detox.

4. WEARABLE PERFORMANCE Measure your sleep, recovery, stress and heart-rate variability to assess your true meter of healthy and vitality with my fave new wearable Whoop. Very late to this game, my dad actually got me hooked! I wear mine most days of the week to track how I am doing. As a business owner, sleep deprived breastfeeding mother, fitness instructor, and go-go-go type of person I am always curious what my insides look and feel like! lol turns out, I have some work to do on sleep and HRV. Another fave lately is The Sclpt Co Belly Band - this velcros across your belly and comes with a belly lube (lol seriously) that helps the entire technology work. The belly balm lubes up your belly, you strap your band on, and take your next workout to a new level. This is the simplest, yet most functional workout piece of equipment I have used possibly ever. Even doing basic crunches, I feel this band 5-10x my effort. Here for it. 

5. DRINKS THAT AREN'T MATCHA, CHAI, OR COFFEE! If you haven't tried The Fullest Warm Feelings™ yet, you are tooooootally missing out. This nourishing saffron drink is clinically proven to support anxiety, depression, and mental health. 3 things that postpartum both times has brought me. 

6. GLP-1 + MATCHA Buckle your seatbelts. Some juicy research to inspire your next cup is here. GLP-1 (glucagon like peptide 1) levels correlate with insulin sensitivity. Generally, the higher your GLP-1 levels the more insulin sensitive you are. The more insulin sensitive you are, the more stable your blood sugar and the less likely you are to deal with blood sugar dysregulation, weight gain, obesity, pre-diabetes, and diabetes. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled human study found that when participants consumed therapeutic doses (500-800 mg) of EGCG from decaffeinated green tea extract they had an increase in GLP-1 levels. Considering matcha has higher concentrations of everything just regular old green tea does, we know that the EGCG levels per serving of matcha are higher. This means to achieve the same dose of EGCG, you would only have to consume ~3 cups of matcha to reach that therapeutic dose since each cup of matcha has 100-200 mg EGCG. Cheers to your daily matcha habit supporting your bodies ability to stay balanced and metabolically stable. Support your GLP-1 levels with Matcha. 15% off your next box of Samidori Sticks™ using code GLP1 at checkout since you read this. :)

7. 11 HIGH VIBE SPICES We often just have 2-3 spice blends in our kitchen and use them for everything we cook. Doesn't leave too much room for excitement when we know that everything will taste somewhat the same lol, but the fresher the herbs the better and I don't believe in letting spices sit for too long due to oxidation issues. Starseed Kitchen has THE best 11 spice blend that can be added to anything from tofu, to shredded chicken, to fish. Whitney, founder and formulator, charges the herbs + spices with Giza crystals....upping the ante on high vibrational assembly if I say so myself. Love when creators go the extra mile to really just add oomph to their products. 

8. MID DAY BUMP All of the hype was real. The second I ate one of these, I was hooked. I 100% cleared out our local health food store of these. Every day I would drive into town and come up with a reason why I had to go by and get not 1, but 2 of these squares. They are now sold out and I need to order a case. Love that these have protein + fiber and actually satisfy a sweet craving! I so badly want to recreate these at home but I just don't know if it can be done.

9. IT'S GIVING ARCH SUPPORT Turns out I have gnarly calluses (there I said it) from growing and carrying 2 large babies in my body. So much weight on my feet combined with my incessant desire to move, walk, and sweat even while pregnant with an almost 10 pound baby (twice) exacerbated my flat footedness and now my feet just don't tread the same! Enter: my arch support era. I have officially invested in a pair of Teva's. Might I say, these sandals make it official. I am getting old.