1. Dusen Dusen Everybody Salt + Pepper Grinders $48 
There's good tacky and there's tacky tacky. These are so good tacky and add a fun and expressive boost to any kitchen. With Dusen Dusen, modern can be fun!

2. Dusen Dusen Oven Mit $24
Enjoy every batch of chocolate chip cookies THAT much more with these 400-degree fahrenheit proof mits! They're made of 100% cotton quilt on outside with a polyester fill. You'll have these a life-time. (Literally, polyester lasts forever womp)

3. LAKA The Daily Matcha™ $40
Get your bestie or loved one hooked on LAKA Matcha with our new* rapidly selling The Daily Matcha™. We launched this with the heavy matcha addict in mind. It's both the perfect replacement for the afternoon cup of coffee while also incredibly friendly on the wallet. Because, matcha can get expensive. Start a #goodhabit for just $0.66/serving. 

4. Secret Harvest LAKA Matcha™ infused Honey $30 
Quite possibly the most delicious Kauai-grown superfood product. And not just because it contains our ceremonial matcha! This unique and buttery blend of raw honey, LAKA Matcha™ and rose is the perfect afternoon boost. It soooo simple to use. Just eat by the spoon or blend with hot water for a prebiotic, immune-activating elixir. 

5. DOT Networking Card $10 
Ok, I got this a year ago and still haven't set it up. Mainly because I lost the instructions. But it's on my list this month to contact DOT because this the most refreshing technology ever. Say goodbye to business cards that take a beating in the wallet and network while doing it. These sustainable AF networking discs store all of your information so when you find someone you want to connect for good with, you just tap your DOT against their phone. (I think LOL again I haven't set it up yet!) Perfect for your friend who's a "master networker". 

6. Coconut Cult Probiotic Yogurt Monthly Subscription $35
Our operations manager Andrea swears by this. She nominated this and it made the LAKA gift list (obvi). By far the best living coconut yogurt out there. It's almost.....intensely good. And it sells out quick! Get your subscription started and score 1 jar for just $35. Note: All you consume is 1 tbsp! That's how potent this is....soooo many living probiotics inside ever spoonful. If you gorge on it like I usually do, get ready to excavate like *the boss*. 

7. Seed Synbiotic Monthly Subscription DS-01 $49.99
I have been on this synbiotic for years and have now even gotten my whole family on it. They have kids probiotics too! Seed is the only company that I have found that has tested survival of bacteria reaching the small intestine. I struggle with gut health because I have always struggled with anxiety in times of excess movement (which feels like the last 5 years lol) so I put my dollars on my gut every month. Although I instantly (within a week) felt stuff working *differently* down there, I will say that I noticed somewhat of a compounding effect at year 2 when I theorize that my gut finally got strong enough to handle my daily lifestyle. So, keep it up! Use code LAKASEED if you want to pay less. (We are an affiliate of Seed for so many reasons)


1. Kauai Juice Company Tropical RX + Hot Shot Elixir 12-pack $55
One of my besties company on Kauai, and the lady that was part of our team during the beginning stages of LAKA! Her, she makes (well her team makes) the most amazing local juices and elixirs. They also now ship their elixirs nation-wide. Gift this to yourself or a loved one who's ready to take it up a notch on their daily wellness. These elixirs are so easy to consume and can be added into a daily regimen whether you're cleansing or not. 

2. Dry Farm Wines Low Alcohol Subscription $171
I haven't given up alcohol yet. I haven't ever realllly liked alcohol so I also don't see it as an issue, BUT....when I do drink I love to indulge and seek out the best possible varieties out there. Expensive tequila, mezcal....and these low-sugar, low-alcohol wines from Dry Farm Wines. If you're serious about your health but still drink alcohol live your life and drink a few bottles of these. You'll surely notice the difference the next day in brain fog, focus, digestion, and overall fatigue. Meaning, less or none at all. These wine have no fructose, no toxic additives, are farmed organically, and have been lab tested for purity. INCREDIBLE. BOTTOMS UP! 

3. Beast Health Blender $165
I have sadly officially become one of those people with dust on their VitaMix, but only because I only use this blender now. The sleek design is easy on the eyes, the size of the blender limits how big I can make my recipes instantly-managing wasting of food or over-eating, and the entire shabang is under $200! Had to include this one on our gift guide because I think it's sexy and worth-it AF. 

4. Custom Jewelry Set from Broken Moon
Kauai-based gardener who also happens to be my sister also makes jewelry! Plus a million other things (follow her on IG @lasirenaaa). Her one of a kind pieces are designed using elements and materials found on Kauai and are earthy to the core. Literally. She has a website that I designed for her years ago lol but just follow her on IG here.

5. Makena Ur Gf Custom Crochet $TBD
Makena's entire vibe is a party, and so are her threads! This LA-based hand-crocheted line of dresses, hats, vests, pants, skirts, you name it are giving crochet a new reputation. This is the perfect gift for the one who likes to make a statement, perpetuate rising dare we say it....trends, and support small-businesses run by women. Get in touch, you're going to want everything. 


1. Simon Miller Bubble Clogs $555
Ok these are on my list and have been for about a year. I love Simon Miller and have her Scrambler boots in yellow (also sooo worth it) and know the quality is there. Invest in items that you are proud to wear over and over and over again. All of her shoes also have a little heel so they are very weather-versatile IMO. Also, I love these clogs because they are both Hawaii AND mainland friendly. Since we're starting to be more transient between Kauai and Mainland now, I'm always game for a shoe that goes both ways.

2. Molekule Air Purifier Air Mini+ $349 
Again, since we are now on mainland for a bit and not living in open air, best believe I got us a new Molekule air purifier. This is one of those home hacks that should be mandatory if you're serious about health. Dust, mold, and toxins in the air cause all kinds of respiratory issues and upset the flow of health we all inch towards whenever possible. Settle at minimum for the Air Mini+ and purify your bedroom or office while you sleep. You can also, I assume, move this around during the day depending on what room you're in if you're not ready to invest in more than one. Gift pure air!

3. 3 month health-coaching consult with Alaina Mandel $1500
Another Kauai homie who's health coaching business has exploded this last year because her approach is accessible. January is infamous for glomming individuals onto a new health regimen solely because of where it falls in the calendar. Get serious, and get help! this January with a 3 month one-on-one coaching program with holistic health coach, Alaina Mandel.