Family Gut Health: 2 supplements to consider

Family Gut Health: 2 supplements to consider

Family nutrition has taken a spotlight in the last year in our household as we experience first-hand "what goes around, comes around" more than ever. When the whole house is healthy, everyones happy. When the whole house is sick, flow is hard to achieve. In my quest to provide my children with adequate nutrition (while still keeping some fun food in the mix), I understand the importance of targeted gut support to keep their tiny machines running optimally even after breastfeeding as well as develop an internal barrier for them as they are bombarded with unavoidable external pollution. 

Growing up, I was raised on junk food. The effects were quite literally debilitating: I remember never feeling rested, my concentration was off the charts bad, and I suffered from digestive issues for as long as I can remember that eventually worsened when I adopted a vegan diet/low calorie sh*t-show of a nutritional regimen in an effort to "get healthy" after a childhood of unhealthy. I never want my children to be held back nutritionally. I feel strongly of the connection food has on mental and physical health and see how detrimental lack of nutrients and care for the body for decades can do to someone long term. 

Living in Hawaii, raising a family can get expensive. I willingly admit that we would likely supplement more if the cost of living was cheaper, but since that's not the case, I have to get creative and efficient with our household health regimens so that we get everything we need to thrive. Every dollar literally needs to be allocated efficiently, and I refuse to compromise our health. 

After breastfeeding, it's really hard to ensure our children are getting top-shelf nutrition, so body intelligence and biological efficiency is a must. I turn to gut-health optimization and maintenance when shopping for my family as I know this is the lowest hanging fruit of achieving well-being.

1. Seed PS-01 for kids and Seed DS-01 for adults: If I told you this is the only "probiotic" supplement I really focus on, would you believe me? For the last 3 years I have been taking Seed DS-01 daily for gut health, but only in the last 6 months have I really felt like my gut has reached the highest level of function from it. It appears to have compounded into an extremely good-feeling gut after regular use. I also notice it works the best and I have exceptional!!!! bowel movements when I am prioritizing a gut-friendly nutritional approach. 

The capsule technology of Seed DS-01 shields against digestion, ensuring the 53.6 billion AFU reaches the end of the small intestine and makes its way into the colon. (You will quickly know the difference of effective vs. non effective transit) Each serving contains 37 billion AFU digestive friendly probiotic bacteria, 3.30 billion AFU dermatological probiotic bacteria, 5.25 billion AFU cardiovascular probiotic bacteria, 8.05 billion AFU micro-nutrient synthesis probiotic bacteria, and 400 mg of micro-biotica precursors that help all of said probiotic blends even happen in the body. 

This daily supplement has added so much ease to my regimen that we became a partner with Seed to help "seed" the power of quality probiotics. (Ehem, synbiotics.) I love knowing that for just $1.66/day I am giving my gut quality support to stay strong, healthy, and active.

Get 15% off your first order of DS-01 using code LAKASEED at checkout and be sure to discover the benefits of their PS-01 daily version for kids. I pour into Jai's morning protein shake or morning glass of water to ensure he gets his daily dose of happy microbiome dust! 

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2. ION Gut: Ok this one literally blows my mind. I also am obsessed with the founder, Dr. Zach Bush, for two reasons: he's from my home state of Virginia AND he's introducing an entirely new way of achieving health into the industry. His approach to less is more really aligns with me as I sit back and watch huge brands bombard the industry with product, after product, after product. Do they all really work? Who knows, but I love the ION approach of gut regeneration and protection above all as a great baseline for health. 

Their family size bottle of ION Gut is one of the additions to our morning superfood shake. It's tasteless and contains a rare ionic trace mineral formula that helps to tighten loose gut junctions that arrived in the first place from toxins un-recognizable to the human body but somehow ended up in our food supply. I highly suggest spending some time on the ION site and getting to know their products. I just started using the ION Skin last month and feel that this is without a doubt the future of skincare. Protection over application of various chemicals, creams, and potions regardless of their clinically proven results.

The cheapest way to health is prevention.