Tackling, or at the very least being aware of, your current state of gut health is a non-negotiable when it comes to entering your health journey. Bloating, gas, constipation, excess elimination, food sensitivities, allergies, and gut dysbiosis is all a complete buzzkill. Not only does most of our immune system live in our gut, but our overall well-being is dramatically influenced by the microbiomes that live in our mouth, ears, vaginas, gut, and skin. Technically, there are microbiomes all over our body (in and out) and help us function and connect with the outside environment in a balanced way. 

Bacteria is really, really good. By altering the bacteria that are introduced to your body has been shown by science  to both help or hurt your state of health, so choose wisely and take back control of this world that lives.....all over....and all around us. 

I have been taking Seed DS-01 for almost 4 years now daily. Year 1, I felt like the support was drastic and my elimination almost immediately improved and not just temporarily. The later years has been more of a maintenance protocol, and when I skip a few days or (gasp) forget to take my travel size Seed with me I notice that my digestion starts to become irregular again. 

Poop is one of my favorite topics to chat about, its one of those forms of free wellness that I believe everyone deserves blessings around haha. When you cannot digest or eliminate, your body is signaling that it's experiencing toxic build up and having a hard time letting go. For me, symptoms show up like breakouts, mood swings, lethargy, bloating (duh), and inability to focus. 

Eventually, I initiated that LAKA become a #seedpartner because I actually have never found something in all my years of wellness that has been so effective. 

I take the Seed DS-01 and have my keiki on the PS-01 and love both for different reasons. I love the DS-01 because its room temperature stable and doesn't require refrigeration. I love the pediatric (PS-01) because its in powder form so I can mix it with my sons "Spiderman smoothies" and "Hulk juices" or even just water/juice. 

Let's shed some light on DS-01:

+ 24 strains of bacteria that can withstand acid, enzymes, heat, and moisture. (WTF LOL!!!) amazing. 
+ Helps build biodiversity in the gut, broadening our gut ecology beyond just our physical body 
+ Reinforces stool hydration so you can really get it all out
+ Helps boost motility to clear any stagnation 
+ Helps heal the gut barrier that may have been damaged by history of poor eating or "bad" gluten 
+ Supports Vitamin B9 production 
+ Reinforces the gut-skin axis, promoting healthy skin 

These are just some of my favorite benefits backed by science that are possible with consistent, daily use of Seed. The science, their scientists, and more product details about both DS-01 and PDS-08 can be found on their website. 

Since we're an official partner of Seed at LAKA, you can use LAKASEED at checkout to get 15% off your first order with them.