Laka shipping is now 100% carbon neutral

Laka shipping is now 100% carbon neutral

We're going to be super direct here: as a luxury wellness brand, we have little margin leftover to be as sustainable as we want to be from the get-go. Our small, growing business is taking baby steps towards our highest level of sustainability to meet the desires of both our company and it's community of customers. Every month we grow a little more and take more measures to reach our sustainability goals.

We are so excited to announce that as of July 2022, all LAKA orders are shipping 100% carbon neutral. In partnership with Shopify Planet, a portion of every order goes to companies who are doing the work to help restore and revive Mother Earth. 

Every time we ship an order, we commit to climate change by supporting some of the most promising solutions. Each project we donate profits to has been vetted by the Shopify Sustainability Fund. 

Projects include Running Tide, a company who is dropping carbon-soaked kelp to the ocean floor to help remove the ocean acidification. We get half the air we breathe from the phytoplankton in the ocean. This method of carbon sink transfer moves carbon in the upper layer of the ocean to the deeper layer of the ocean. 

As the year goes on, we will share ongoing updates to how much carbon LAKA has removed from the atmosphere. The more we grow, the more carbon we remove.

So far we have removed 115 kg of shipping emissions.

Exciting stuff! 

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