Wellness for kids is.....hard to find. Getting kids to eat a wide variety of nutrients is so essential but isn't always possible when you have picky palettes, limited time to prep, or are on a budget. 

The philosophy I have with my kids nutrition is that I try and feed them an entirely whole foods diet, even if that means they end up eating rice, broccoli, burgers, oatmeal, shakes, and fruits for the most part. They definitely have snack foods but it's honestly so expensive to buy snacks that we usually just forego snack culture altogether. It's actually much more cost-effective and I know the foods they love and it also saves me from having to get super creative with what they are eating all the time! As a family, we end up meeting in the middle with preferences. What's for dinner is what's for dinner :)

But I know how limited the majority of soil quality is so essential minerals and vitamins are a must. I discovered this Hiya multi and loved how it contained no fillers, no junk, no added sugar and had the full gamete of 15 micronutrients from sources like quinoa sprouts and acerola fruit. Although we're not vegan as a family and eat as many pasture/grass-fed/local animals and their products as possible, this is an entirely vegan kids supplement. 

I am convinced that my lack of nutrition as a kid and over-exposure to screen time stunted my ability to focus, sleep well, regulate my mood, and develop a healthy gut microbiome. Although I started regenerating my body with all the good stuff at 17 when I discovered health and wellness, the formative years are so essential. 

The Hiya Health kids multivitamin is chewable, just $30/month, comes in a sustainable refill system, and even comes with stickers that make the kids that much more excited about taking their vitamins. My son Jai has taken these semi-religiously over the last 2 years and loves the way they taste.

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