OK. Our first volume of The LAKA List has finally arrived. This is a 3 years in the making project I have wanted to bring online to our community to share a glimpse of what we're listening to (all 3 of us at LAKA), experimenting with, dabbling in, tasting, and vouching. Get inside the minds and lives of LAKA with our LAKA list. 

I have so much fun trying new things, and I love LAKA being a source of inspiration to live better all across the board with endless curiosity. Peek what our small team is stoked on every month, starting now. 

1. Business Class: I started LAKA with zero business experience (and it shows LOL) I made so many mistakes and learned some very hard financial lessons in my first 3 years of business that I am still not recovered from. I did things out of order, unorganized, and entirely unplanned. I made mistakes in taking on investment too early, charged a ton on personal and business credit cards, lost inventory, partnered with the wrong co-packers, launched a whole line of unprotected assets, and then when I realized everything that I had done I started having real life babies and COVID hit. I basically f'd myself. Thank goodness for a willingness to get back up and try again and Business Class as my launch pad to pivot in a productive direction out of the trenches. Business Class is an online business course created by Sophia Amoruso (Nasty gals out there, anyone? Shouts out to college 2010), a serial entrepreneur that has a personality I can jive with. I'm attracted to good branding, which led me to Business Class. Business Class helped me figure out how I am going to pivot LAKA for the better and empowered me to lead with a scrappy, bootstrapped mentality and forego large investment. If you're looking for a free workshop before investing in Business Class, visit this link here.

2. HIYA HEALTH KIDS MULTIVITAMIN: I thought I would be way more psycho about what my kids ate, turns out Im not! Lol, we actually have gluten and sugar in a balanced time-to-time fashion in our household! My kids eat health-conscious 90% of the time, but I ensure daily great health with this chewable, sugar-free multivitamin from Hiya Health. Jai always asks for 2, and it guarantees that he's getting all the essentials he needs to pioneer great health beyond his pastime of breastfeeding (also known as momos in our household)

3. LAKA Samidori Sticks™: What's better than your daily dose of antioxidants, chlorophyll, collagen precursors, and clean caffeine all wrapped up in one cute sachet? Not much! I love that these packets take the guesswork out of how much LAKA Matcha™ to consume for daily health. Empty a packet into your blender, yogurt, or make a latte to ensure you get your daily dose of greens. Use code LAKALIZ for 20% off your first box of LAKA Samidori Sticks™. 

4. Moon Juice Magnesi-om: This is one of Megan's picks, although I can only imagine how delicious this is. She raves about her Moon Juice Magnesium powders and their new Blue Lemon flavor is supposedly (calmly) off the chain. Purchase it here and don't forget to subscribe and save because that sh*t adds up.

5. ARMRA Colostrum: I have been known to abuse colostrum. I usually fully send it with any health practices I get into and let's just say 2017 was quite a gassy year, the year I discovered colostrum and would mix it with tocotrienols, reishi, raw honey, and cookie drip all day every day! Thankfully, ARMRA has these cute little pre-portioned packets mixed with blood orange extract so that they can't be mixed with anything but water (IMO) without tasting bad. So I get my daily dose and never get gassy from over*dose. My son loves this too, I tell him its healthy gatorade. 

Colostrum is one of those all-in-one superfoods, with benefits to beauty, gut, and cell repair. I mainly consume for healthy hair growth and gut lining support as i have a history of processed food consumption (to say the least).

Use code LAKALIZ for a discount on your first order.

6. Seed Synbiotic: I am very conservative with our family supplement budget, i don't really believe we need a ton all at once all the time and lean on good nutrition and a few of my faves for daily support. Seed Synbiotic is one of them! Our whole family's on Seed. As someone who struggles with low-humming anxiety, Seed is the only prebiotic + probiotic I have found to help me have regular bowel movements that dig deep from my inside haha, despite any stress or anxiety I am dealing with. During times of excess stress/discomfort, I take 4! 

This is also one of the most sustainably packaged supplements I have found and their refill packages are 100% home compostable.

Were a partner of Seed*. Use code LAKASEED for a hefty discount on your first purchase of Seed products. 

7. Ozone Chamber sessions: Have you or have you not tapped into the power of ozone? I just started doing ozone sessions in to help deal with inflammation, cell health, and combat aging as I barely sleep lately! My co-sleeping dilemmas are real. I love my babies but they don't allow me to sleep, so I've started with 15 minute ozone chamber sessions. I will keep you updated!

8. Coterie Wipes : I am always on the search for the best of the best baby stuff! Coterie Wipes are like wiping your butt with a cloud. And, yes, this means we also are using these wipes in addition to wiping Baby Silvers butt with them! 

"99% water, and 1% safe, gentle ingredients—like vitamin E and glycerin. Made of supremely soft, biodegradable, 100% plant-based, plastic-free fibers. Stronger, and up to 30% larger than most wipes, so you can do more with less."

Ugh, gotta love it. Purchase your first pack here. 

9. Super Goop Glow Screen SPF 40: One of the biggest reasons I have quite literally never been interested in sunscreen is because it has always appeared as if i rubbed white out over my skin, then it proceeds to make me break out in acne. Why would I ever want either of those to happen? hahaha. One of our partners, Kate Glavan, always posts about SuperGoop so I decided to give it a try. Verdict? 10/10. I tried the Glow Screen (face and body) and it has this super subtle shimmer that makes you look healthily tanned. 

10. Culina Yogurt: It was my pleasure hosting the founder of Culina Yogurt, Erin, on her and her husbands recent trip to Kauai. She's one of the uplifting girl bosses that reminds you that you do have what it takes to grow, scale, and thrive from your business. Culina was one of the first high-quality (not watered down) coconut yogurts to hit the shelves and it's truly one the best. The way she lives her life, even while traveling!, is a testament to the integrity of her business. I respect that. 

Friends forever (hearts)

11. Sumo Baby cloth diapers: If there's a cute cloth diaper, I want to have it. Sumo Baby is a company that just launched. I actually made a small investment to help back this company because I really believe in not only cloth diapers but cloth diapers that are actually designed in a cute, modern way. 

"Sumo products are made from our specially developed Sumotex™ materials. Our innovative high-performance fabrics have been developed in collaboration with Europe's leading textile institutes and factories. They are designed to be kind to baby's skin and the environment."

12. Psychic Reading with David Petrusich: I did a reading with David a year ago, and kid you not, EVERYTHING happened and started happening just 24 hours after our reading. Excuse my excitement, this was my first reading I ever did so if you're already keen to empathetic or psychic work then you may be already aware of the work our guides have at play all the time. I was having a lot of questions come up regarding my career, my relationship, and my role as a mother and what needed to change or what was on the horizon. If you're in a state of curiosity and wonder and want to open your channel up, I encourage you to reach out to David.

13. S3E23 What's The Juice Podcast: K so I am in love with a lot of podcasts, but What's The Juice is a newer one I have started listening to. I formerly followed Olivia Amitrano only on IG (she's one of those professional content creators that has just got it), but now that I have discovered her podcast and actually can follow along with the dialogue it is my new pleasure chemical during long car rides where I just want to absorb. This episode in particular is super super interesting to me as I have been pretty much digging all things protein since I started having babies. If you're wondering how protein can benefit weight management, muscle building, energy levels, and banish sugar cravings this episode is for you! 

14. Kauai Juice Company Sorry Not Sorry hot sauce: The first time I used this on our meal, Makaio and I had to take regular breaks from our meal. Proceed with caution LOL this sauce is made with Hawaiian Chili Pepper, Trinidad Scorpion pepper, and Caroline reapers. Dot. dot. dot. Hot sauce is a staple in our household, and the fermentation actually contributes to the production of B Vitamins and lactic acid in the body, so def add this to your post-workout protein heavy meals. KJC says "a dab'l do ya" and they couldn't be more correct. Be careful out there.

15. First Person Mushrooms: Another one of Megan's picks! And NO! This isn't Dip N' Dots in supplement form. We're particularly a fan of Golden Hour:

This formulation, with precision-targeted mushrooms, supports the body’s natural production of the oxytocin hormone to mitigate stress and boost the mind-body connection. May help promote long-term cognitive health.*

16. Beatrice Valenzuela Monocolor Sandalia: Okay so we all have a pair of these here at LAKA, and they are truly the dreamiest way to slide into spring/summer. I love these slides because they are expertly crafted and sophisticatedly wrapped in soft, high quality lambskin. Talk about walking sustainably.