Citrusy re:light Spritzer

Citrusy re:light Spritzer

Adding vinegar to any cocktail instantly up-levels the mouthfeel and digestif qualities. We love the multi-use function of re:light vinegar, equal parts good for wellness elixirs, salad dressing zings, mocktails, cocktails, or bedtime potions. 

Make this re:light cocktail all summer long for gut-healthy boozing. 

2 oz tequila or mezcal 
4 oz soda
Juice of one lime 
2 tbsp raw honey (liquid is best) 
1 tbsp Laka re:light vinegar 
Lime peel rim

Shake tequila, soda, lime, and honey together. Pour into lime peel rim, top with Laka re:light floater.

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