We look to our most repeat customers to set the tempo of brand at LAKA. LAKA was originally just an energy I wanted others to tap into, had very little to do with products, and was catalyzed by a rigorous detox + movement protocol I set myself on that purged blockage and gave birth to the energy that is now branded as LAKA. Tegan Ford and her work with holistic health coaching embodies LAKA energy to the fullest. She squeezes in a cup of LAKA Matcha anywhere she can and has hooked her clients on the power of LAKA. 

We are so grateful for the work of wellness genies such as Tegan of Routine Service and want nothing more than to share their accomplishments and connect them with our community. In this new column, Im excited to highlight some incredible holistic health coaches who just happen to double as real-time organic LAKA customers.

What is wellness?

Wellness is the ability to maintain steady balance between the systems that make up the body. When the body is well supported, we feel embodied in our flow— it’s powerful. Additionally, when one or more or those systems becomes burdened (which can happen for so many reasons) wellness means containing the tools to find your way back to equilibrium with clarity.

What is wellness not?

Wellness doesn’t draw from a deficit mindset. It isn’t inherently restrictive or rigid, but informed and abundant instead. I do think there are diet and lifestyle factors that burden the body and should be consciously minimized, but even still, that shouldn’t create a life of pass vs fail mentality. I see this overwhelm cause turmoil in different ways for all of the clients I’ve coached and it’s always a roadblock to finding fluidity.

Tips on finding your Truth

Truth means connecting to your intuition. This can change overtime as we evolve, but at every moment of our lives we have the ability to tap in and ask ourselves if what is being told to us makes sense to our internal landscape. My main tips are 1. Set aside time for stillness in your weekly routine to connect with your intuition and body 2. Work with a coach that you align with energetically and understands your goals— whether it be a life or health coach, having a designated third space to verbal process and being asked the right questions that lead you back to your most aligned yourself is the best way to find your truth

What is your favorite LAKA product?

The laka matcha is something I recommend to all my clients to boost their skin (and overall) health— it has such a bright and clean taste that I usually drink it straight. The vibrancy is real, which is not the case with a lot of matchas on the market.

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