Meet Liz

Meet Liz

Laka was born in my tiny, outdated, fluorescent-lit kitchen on Kauai's south shore. At 22, I crammed into a 2 bedroom with my four best friends from college and built LAKA from the ground up.

I am equally fascinated by bootstrapping a meaningful business, essential natural living, and the way that both go hand in hand to support each other.

Technically, I am a certified herbalist and yoga instructor with a background in Urban Design.

But, the truth is that my expertise and passion I wake up with daily is in reminding others of the daily efficacy of simple, accessible wellness practices that make you feel good and do quite literally everything with more awareness. 

I believe in building confidence in others through sustainable nutrition, intuitive movement, and healthy thinking.

It's all really, really important and I hope LAKA serves as an inspiration to others to take agency over their natural intelligence, potent intuition, and care a lot less about what anyone else thinks.

You'll likely see Laka evolve a lot, as I am always striving for some sort of continuum effect. We're all a continuum. LAKA is a destination that honors everything that is changing in science, society, and global health.